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Noble web studio offers best Micro ATM service with software, mobile app and Micro ATM devices. Best part of Micro ATMs are best commission on cash withdrawal, portable device, easy to use. Micro ATM devices accept all bank cards and biometrics secure transaction for cash withdrawal.


Micro ATMs perform following transactions

  • Cash Deposit
  • Cash Withdrawal
  • Fund Transfer
  • Balance Enquiry
  • Service Request acceptance
  • Aadhar Seeding
  • eKYC based saving account opening

Key Benefits of Micro ATM

  • Micro ATM is low cost option then ordinary ATM.
  • Portable
  • Easy to carry
  • Easy to setup
  • Connectivity through GSM
  • Biometric enabled secured transactions
  • Interoperable device and can work for any bank
  • Best Commision
  • Quick Withdrawal
  • Quick Balance Enquiry
  • No need to go ATM and facing queue.
  • Secure


Working process of Noble Micro ATM device

Bank will assign a correspondent who will sign up customers in remote areas after verifying their identity by Fingureprint or Aadhar no (fingerprint can be used as an authentication tool for rural people).The fingerprint and personal details may also be linked to the Aadhaar Card, which will then serve as the ID proof required to withdraw money.


To operate this portal, a person has to undergo verification process such as Aadhaar card with fingerprint scanning or card swipe option. Once verified, he or she will be able to select options for various transactions like - cash deposit, fund transfer, eKYC based saving account, Aadhaar seeding, cash withdrawal, balance enquiry and service request acceptance. For carrying a transaction all you have to do is select the option as per your requirement, then a message will be displayed on the screen and print receipt is generated. After the transaction, a person will as usual receive confirmation from their bank about the transaction via SMS.



Why Noble Micro ATM Software and Servcice

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